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The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1285 – Clashing of Television Drama chemical order
Hence, the t . v . transmit station was intending to oxygen their drama very first and postponement “Ray of Light”?
“Oh perfect, Sibling Che, I forgot to inform you. Our most recent epic poetry established drama, “Queen Zhao Yang” shall be taking place fresh air shortly. The female cause will still be our Yufei. I heard the fact that television broadcast station obtained obtained your dilemma and was about to set it on surroundings after they now observed there was obviously a struggle during the concept. For that reason, they chose to display screen ours first.
Yu Minmin stated, “It appears that they were those behind this.”
Liang Shan explained, “Ah, it couldn’t be that Sister Che hasn’t come across it however, ideal? It is like this, that they had just termed me to tell me in regards to this. I was thinking that you had already known concerning this. Are not you gonna ask them?”
Therefore, the t . v . broadcast station was looking to atmosphere their drama first and delay “Ray of Light”?
On the organization.
Of course, Liang Shan obtained recognized relating to this for many years. It was subsequently while he obtained informed the crooks to surroundings their “Queen Zhao Yang” once Wu Yufei received an grant. He wished to come to as the steel was warm.
It was the 1st time that Lin Che obtained come across this. Her gaze changed as she checked out him.
Yu Minmin was naturally a little bit thinking about this also. “Panda Station continues to be great making use of their marketing practices. That is why the tv recommendations for each and every collection they have got would all be quite excellent. We’ll should be watchful.”
Needless to say, Liang Shan had known regarding this for many years. It had been since he obtained informed these to fresh air their “Queen Zhao Yang” once Wu Yufei gained an prize. He wished to strike as the metal was warm.
Nonetheless, Lin Che’s the television series was closely joined together with the online game. Whatever they didn’t know was that the game belonged to her at the same time, and she simply had to have accountability for it. For that reason, should the series couldn’t be broadcast punctually, she’d definitely quit Panda Station with regard to this game, switching to sell the series to another station to help them to air flow.
Lin Che promptly identified another t . v . transmit station to use. Considering that this has been this kind of fantastic line, they recognised it immediately and mentioned that the present may be launched too.
Xue Yang acquired up, took examine them, then left at the same time.
“a.s.sistant Lin, why did I really hear that the tv line, “Ray of Light”, has actually been late?”
The issue was now staying pressed to the supervision.
“That’s correct. It would appear that they’ve already manufactured agreements to market to find the best Female Cause for the television line, and consequently late our line.”
This became the first time that Lin Che had been aware of this. Her gaze modified as she considered him.
Having said that, Lin Che’s television range was closely interconnected in addition to the match. What we didn’t know was the online game belonged to her at the same time, and she were forced to bear responsibilities for doing this. Consequently, in case the series couldn’t be aired punctually, she’d definitely quit on Panda Station for the sake of this game, looking towards sell off the series to a different station for them to surroundings.
Immediately after proclaiming that, Lin Che put up the call without doubt.
“Oh appropriate, Sibling Che, I neglected to see you. Our most recent legendary poetry dependent dilemma, “Queen Zhao Yang” will be happening atmosphere rapidly. The female head will still be our Yufei. I been told the tv broadcast station possessed obtained your dilemma and was about to get it on air if they now sensed there was actually a discord in the topic. For that reason, they made a decision to computer screen ours first.
Having said that, at this time, “Queen Zhao Yang” did one thing unanticipated again. Two weeks before “Ray of Light” would be to be aired, they published a trailers on Panda Station. It incorporated clips coming from the recording website, and also some enjoyable moments through the present.
“a.s.sistant Lin, why do I just now listen to that our television selection, “Ray of Light”, is overdue?”
Panda Station was very happy and included a lot more promotion attempts for it.
Yu Minmin listened on the aspect although Lin Che designed the phone call.
what makes a good shadow
Lin Che explained, “I’ll make a call up to inquire about regarding this.”
They also commented how depressing it turned out although this sequence had been a good output, while using collaboration between Gu Jingyu and Lin Che, who were both these significant photographs. Having said that, these folks were unlucky to conflict which has a good IP creation which had this sort of great soaring momentum on it. On top of that, the compet.i.tor sequence was getting shown on Panda Station. Panda Station possessed a very few wide range demonstrates ended up their encouraging pillars along with been placed since the leading station for years. That which was “Ray of Light” likely to do?
What clash in theme…

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